To Be Free

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To Be Free
Frog Eye Records

Martha Healy's enthusiasm for her craft is such that she's found the need to fill the void between her well-regarded Better Days and her planned second album, with the release of this four-track EP. 

Laid down in her native Glasgow, the sound and atmosphere of Nashville that gave fulsome flavour to Better Days have been captured almost perfectly, but simply. Without any obvious overdubs, languid wood bass, guitar, fiddle and banjo provide comforting, earthy accompaniment. 

'To Be Free' and 'Too Much Time' are, as we’ve come to expect, well-constructed and arranged Healy songs. Both are articulated with perfectly-pitched emotion, and bode well for her next collection, the recording of which was due to begin in Nashville in September 2016.

The two remaining tracks are familiar covers. The relaxed instrumental backing on 'Walkin' After Midnight' is, pleasantly, almost at odds with Martha’s no-holds-barred vocal, via which she builds intense emotion, capturing that elusive Patsy blend of vulnerability, hurt and resilience.

Healy’s own overdubbed gospel harmony and atmospheric handclaps mean that there’s a vibrant live feel to her faithful, edgy take on Hank’s 'I Saw The Light', comfortable in Martha Healy’s care after too many bar band maulings.

Date added: Oct 19, 2016

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