Rhythm Of The Rain

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Rhythm Of The Rain
White-Wolf Records

Like an actor feeling her way into character, Amelia White has an admirable ability to inhabit the dramas she began writing in England, as last year’s election news filtered through from home. Not only does this skill make her a credible raconteur, she is able too to convey intense feeling through her tone of voice and vocal nuances.

When it’s revealed that she and her band recorded Rhythm Of The Rain in a gruelling four-day period - an impressive achievement on its own - this suggests that the energy and urgency in the music is totally natural given the pressures to complete the recording . That those four days were the period between her mother’s funeral and her own marriage, means that we can only marvel at Ms White’s fortitude whilst understanding the emotional effect that these twin events may have had on the album’s contents.

There are nine songs in total on Rhythm Of The Rain, and all display evidence of a mature, confident songwriter, who has written lyrics and developed a sonic feel wholly-suited to her considerable vocal abilities, and who is unafraid to tackle contentious subjects.

With a sympathetic band behind her, there’s a satisfying wholeness about the collection, even when the players’ sure-footedness is challenged by the variations in tempo, energy and passion. When it all comes together, this glorious aggregation of talent is exemplified by ‘Sugar Baby’ a 3’46” guilt-ridden, anxious mini-drama of obsession, almost worthy of Ibsen or Flaubert.


Date added: Nov 20, 2017

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