One With The Tide

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One With The Tide
Alice Otter Music

Organic acoustic groove” is New Jersey native Alice DiMicele’s description of her sound. On the evidence of this, her fourteenth album, that definition just about nails it.

Largely inspired by what’s left of the natural world, and reflecting her personal green activism, the passion that she feels for the planet and the cause of its protection is obvious. Yet, One With The Tide shies away from the gentle, mournful acoustic  tone often deployed to articulate frustration at potentially-catastrophic lack of human concern. Nor does Ms Dimicele rail angrily accompanied by punk guitars. Rather, the nine tracks are largely founded on solid rhythms and dynamics suited to the individual song, allowing Alice to emote soulfully on top. Hammond washes and fills, and occasional flashes of understated bottleneck guitar and accordion give piquancy to the organic groove.

When the personal and global come together on the edgy wholesome jazz-tinged R&B of ‘Desire’, her vocal range is displayed to the full as she swoops, soars and growls, certain that “The heart of a woman’s not so different than the heart of the earth”, and ‘The Other Side’, introduced by grave, bowed strings, becomes a declamatory plea, and ends in a deceptively-loose coda of intertwining strings and high register bass.

One With The Tide is a beacon of well-articulated, vital messages, conflating the emotional and the ecological which, at its most soulful, recalls the phrasing and timbre of the great, largely-forgotten Laura Lee. Yet, a respectful take on John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ in rounding off One With The Tide, shows Alice’s gift as an interpreter, as accompanied by only strings and guitar, she makes a precious song her own, to summarise her admirable manifesto.

Date added: Nov 28, 2017

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