Straight And Narrow

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Straight And Narrow

Our interest in Bristol’s Victoria Klewin was first piqued by Dance Me To Heaven, her 2016 full album release with her True Tones. Described as “…all swing, brass eruptions, scat, tight rhythms and high quality jazz, blues, soul and funk”, it impressed to the extent of being awarded four stars in R‘N’R’s review section.

Since then, Victoria’s been on a prestigious world tour as a backing singer with Hannah Williams and The Affirmations, but has kept in touch with her Facebook followers by interpreting jazz classics multi-tracked vocally and visually.

She’s kept ‘Straight And Narrow’ relatively simple, with piano accompaniment by the Affirmations’ James Graham. Self-written, Victoria describes it as “a reflective and uplifting song for our strange times”, and it scores heavily on both counts.

Graham’s opening piano chords have a gravity that provide an ideal platform for Klewin’s introduction to the story. She can’t meet a friend because she’s got to put in a bit of work repairing a relationship, and the bittersweetness of this conflict is perfectly adjudged in the vocal, later displaying her range as the full emotion kicks in. But the twist is the sudden but seamless transition to a near-jaunty chorus where “the straight and narrow”, she hopes, will see a reconciliation, as she harmonises with herself, providing necessary emotional depth. That chorus will become an earworm too.

With Victoria intending to re-ignite her solo career and “…planning to release an EP/album next year” there’s more than vaccination and some version of normality to look forward to in 2021.

‘Straight And Narrow’ is available on all major platforms, streaming sites and online vendors from 11 December 2020.

Date added: Dec 14, 2020

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