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Give & Receive
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From Tennessee, husband and wife Ben DeBerry and Dorothy Daniel have hit an impressive stride on Give & Receive. Their range of stated influences are a sure sign that almost every area of contemporary western music gets a look in over the ten tracks of this, their third release.

Ben’s passion for bluegrass and country is obvious. ‘Receive’ is mellow country, all finely-pitched harmonies and mini-crescendos, and ‘Long Song’ is a rollicking country blues with prominent banjo and a delightful dexterity to the solos on mandolin and fiddle. The skipping rhythm, percussive mandolin, booming bass and fiddle of ‘Let Me Ride’, however, sees Dorothy pitch an aching vocal on top, climaxing with a determined, but resigned, "Gonna pack my bags and head for grace and glory".
Dorothy is “a devotee of soul and blues” and it’s no coincidence that her input to Give & Receive coincide with songs of power and - often melancholy - huge emotion. Whilst ‘Lady Belle’ has a traditional ballad feel, the in-song surges driven by bass and Ben’s harmony might have come from Muscle Shoals.

‘Life Worth Living’ is pretty stark with only John Radford’s percussion almost a click track to guide the harmony voices of Ben, Dorothy and Ethan Ballinger, but it’s the rhythmic companion piece to the high point of Give & Receive, ‘Don't Drink The Water’. This was a 2012 single, brooding and shuffling, full of funk and foreboding, like an unplugged Little Feat, whilst its nagging melodic hook almost conversely defies its Delta chain gang feel.

With excellent support throughout from multi-instrumentalist Ballinger, Sam Grisman, Kyle Tuttle and Christian Sedelmyer, it’s no wonder that The Danberrys are regarded highly by fans and fellow musicians in Nashville.






Date added: Jun 02, 2016

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