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Tour Tapes
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All you bootleggers out there in radioland, roll your tapes” was the advice of Bruce Springsteen, in the knowledge that completists would be doing just that. On Tour Tapes, Ann Arbor’s Appleseed Collective have taken this to their own hearts and taped five songs during shows in 2015 to give an insight to their infectious genre-defying sound, referencing bluegrass, folk, blues, jazz and close harmony.

This ranges from the rousing 'Darling', its shifting mood and very full sound climaxing in an Eastern-flavoured coda, to ‘Jackie’, where, no exaggeration, there are flashes of the lush baroque aural sorcery of Pet Sounds.

In between, Vince Russo’s percussion trickery drives ‘Erased’, whilst ‘Bad Man’ is a swinging jazz/old time fusion where Collective fiddler Brandon Worder-Smith and guitarist Andrew Brown demonstrate their considerable instrumental chops.

Most impressive though, is ‘Vicious’, its opening two minutes of vocal, underpinned only by Eric O’Daly’s jazz bass, leading to a languid but scintillating blues workout.

On this evidence of this snapshot, a new album to follow 2014’s Young Love would be very welcome, as would a tour on this side of the Atlantic.

Date added: Jun 20, 2016

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